History of US Presidential Limos

In 1906 Woodrow Wilson, an understated cars and horses man, said that cars were “a picture of the arrogance of wealth”. He and King George drove through London in a carriage cavalcade in 1918.
Picture: Graphic Photo Union

These days when President George Bush visits London, he brings The Cadillac One with him. His 2006 Cadillac DTS is hand-crafted, plated with five inches of ballistic armour panelling, and withstands anti-tank grenade launchers, and chemical attacks.

Extravagant Herbert Hoover was ridiculed for purchasing a grandiose 1932 Cadillac 452B V-16 Fleetwood Imperial, in the midst of depression. Months later he was voted out of office.

Throughout history the Presidential limousine has been uniform black with a US flag on the right of the bonnet. This is Franklin Delano Roosevelt's 1942 Lincoln V-12 Presidential Limousine with 1946 updates.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, however, had the most peculiar Presidential limousine. His first armour-plated car was siezed from gangster Al Capone by the US Treasury

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