Chicago Race Riot of 1919

The Chicago Race Riot of 1919 was a major racial conflict that began in Chicago, Illinois on July 27, 1919 and ended on August 3. During the riot, dozens died and hundreds were injured. It is considered the worst of the approximately 25 riots during the Red Summer of 1919, so named because of the violence and fatalities across the nation. The combination of prolonged arson, looting and murder was the worst race rioting in the history of Illinois. [via]

Five police officers and a soldier with a rifle and fixed bayonet

A white gang looking for African Americans during the Chicago Race Riot of 1919

Soldiers with rifles and fixed bayonets standing guard at vandalized house

White men, boys standing in front of vandalized house

African American men in front of Walgreen Drugs at 35th and S. State St. in Douglas community area

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