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Korean War

The Korean War (25 June 1950 – armistice signed 27 July 1953) was a conventional war between South Korea, supported by the United Nations, and North Korea, supported by the People's Republic of China (PRC), with military material aid from … Continue reading

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Gustav Gun – The Largest Gun Ever Built

Schwerer Gustav (English: Heavy Gustaf, or Great Gustaf) and Dora were the names of two massive World War II German 80 cm K (E) railway siege guns. They were developed in the late 1930s by Krupp for the express purpose … Continue reading

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Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) 1939-1949

The work undertaken by the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) was wide ranging; from cooking to meteorology; from administrative duties to maintaining and repairing aircraft. Women replaced RAF personnel in those trades where there were shortages. There was an ebb … Continue reading

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Berlin, 1945

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Quang Duc’s self-immolation

Quang Duc’s self-immolation on June 11, 1963 was captured on film by Malcolm Browne, alerting the world to the growing anti-Diem nationalism in Saigon.

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35 years after the fall: The Vietnam War in picture

U.S. military action in Vietnam was a piece in the global Cold War struggle. After Vietnamese nationalists overthrew French colonialists in the 1950s, the country was divided between the Communist north and the anti-Communist south. In the ensuing conflict, Washington … Continue reading

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Unseen World War II Photos

World War II photos taken in the former USSR during World War II on the occupied territories. These are photos from family archives posted online by grandchildren of those who took part in the war: the authors of most of … Continue reading

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